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Liefeld Week Book Report: Brigade #1

Darkhyr Harknex jumps into the dark corners of #LiefeldWeek with his review of Brigade #1

brigade 1

To say that the 90’s were a prime example of what not to do in comics would be an understatement. As a young Harkness, I spent more than my fair share of time in the comic shop located conveniently right next to my house, and would often be found perusing every shelf they had. Being a mere child of 7 however, I was strapped for cash, as in I had none, and was hard pressed to be able to take any…

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A Closer Look At Rob Liefeld’s Original Prophet Series

Blitz Tannyn bursts into #LiefeldWeek by taking a look at one of the master’s most enduring creations, Prophet


In honor of it being Liefeld week here and since I already reviewed the new Prophet series it’s time we go back to the original. We’ll take a look at the first 7 issues of his inaugural series from 1993-1994. Why only 7? Because I actually own these issues. That’s right; I paid money to buy these when I was 10. The only thing I regret about it is that Liefeld is only on writing duty for this…

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Evil Geeks Art Gallery - X-cessive Force

Evil Geeks Art Gallery - In Full Force #LiefeldWeek

Cable Gallery

Long time no see, my fellow art aficionados. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular wing of the Brotherhood’s Evil Lair, you’ve entered the Evil Geeks Art Gallery.

There is no collection on God’s green earth to rival the contents of these hallowed halls. You’ve seen recreations of Captain America Comics #1, The Shocking Climax of the Empire Strikes Back, the cover art to Teenage Mutant…

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Batman gets his day to shine at the Crandall Public Library!

A community rallies behind Batman’s 75th Anniversary!

Batman 75
Afternoon Nerds!

Although it’s Liefeld Week here on evilgeeks.com, we have a big celebration to look forward to this Wednesday, July 23rd as the world officially celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader himself on Batman Day! If you haven’t been listening to me throughout 2014 or if you’ve been living under a rock then maybe you haven’t heard that DC is throwing a party and you’re…

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The Liefeldian Man

The Liefeldian Man #LiefeldWeek

The Liefeldian Man

Back in the B.C. days, a Roman architect and apparent chump named Vitruvius related the human form into geometric terms. Then that hack Leonardo da Vinci, about a millennium and a half later, threw together a sketch called the Vitruvian Man. I mean, I guess it’s anatomically correct and all but it’s hardly even a bit badass. This dude looks like a weakling, I bet his eyes don’t even glow!

Vitruvian Man


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Ep 083 - Liefeld Week is Upon Us!!!

Transmissions From the Evil Lair Ep 083 - Liefeld Week is Upon Us!!! #LiefeldWeek



Behold Evil Geeks, the strange and wondrous vision that is LIEFELD WEEK!!! That’s right, starting immediately we’re kicking off a week long tribute to the man who was a god in our youths and is now a pariah as we’ve grown older.  Whether you’re willing to admit it or not at one point in your comic loving life, you probably idolized the guy, now we’ll be forever immortalizing him with a tribute…

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Steven Spielberg’s Aliens

Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Steven Spielberg’s Aliens


The week has gone by all too quickly again, and here you find yourselves ready for yet another post by your faithful Lilith. And sure enough, this weekend’s creature comforts post is one to get all hot and bothered by. I know I’ve been on a Star Wars kick lately, specifically spending a lot of time on Tatooine, but today I am completely shifting gears and bringing you an article on quite an…

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