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Evil Geek Book Report: Heir to the Empire

Evil Geek Book Report: Heir to the Empire


While Lilith is slowly making her way through the world of Star Trek, you know that she will forever be a Star Wars fan. Of course, the extension of that fandom involved rewatching the movies, mostly the originals, as marathons at least once a year. I probably know over 50% of the lines in episodes 4,5, and 6 by heart. And I haven’t had too much interest before now in delving in to any other Star…

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Ep 091 - Director Eric England Stops By the Evil Lair

In today’s episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair film director @eric_england stops by for a chat!


Hey Evil Geeks gang, we’ve got a treat for the horror fans today! Horror director Eric England stops by the Evil Lair to talk about his career in film and to talk up his film Contracted. If you haven’t seen Contracted, it’s currently available on Netflix Instant for your streaming pleasure and be sure to check out the write up that Lilith didon the film a while back. C-Mart, Lilith Assisi and…

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Dianoga

Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Dianoga


Welcome back creature lovers. Being a fan of Star Wars marathons it is rare that I make it more than a year without rewatching these wonderful movies. And lucky for you all the movies are chuck full of incredible creatures, giving me more and more ideas of aliens to write about for Your Weekend Creature Comforts.This weekend I want to spotlight The Dianoga, a creature that scares the hell out of…

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Evil Geeks Art Gallery - It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Oh hello, Internet, I didn’t see you come in. How does this morning find you? That’s good to hear… oh, I’m doing quite well, thanks for asking. I recently acquired a new piece of art. No, I didn’t visit that gallery exhibition downtown, although I hear they had some delightful pieces; This was a work I commissioned from two of our generation’s greatest masters:  Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness.…

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Ep 090 - A Brief History of Time Travel

Listen to our interview with @gisellamb and @wandabot, of A Brief History of Time Travel and help get it Kickstarted!



Greetings time-travelling Evil Geeks! We’ve got a special bonus podcast for you this week as Gisella Bustillos and Wanda Bertram, the director and producer of the new documentary A Brief History of Time Travelstop by the Evil Lair to talk about their latest project and who their favorite time hopping heroes are as Biff Tannen, C-Mart, Lilith Assisi, Martian Luthor Kang, and Undies of Wondy try…

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Pulp Corner: The Shadow Vol. 1 - The Fire Of Creation

In today’s #Pulp Corner, Biff reviews Garth Ennis’ The Shadow Vol. 1 The Fire Of Creation @dynamitecomics #TheShadow



I am truly fascinated by the original pulp vigilante The Shadow for my money he was the best of those creations from that era. He’s left quite a legacy in his wake with legions of imitators.  I was excited when Dynamite picked up the license for the character (amongst many, many other old school pulp characters) and began a new series with him back in 2012. I picked up the trade for Vol. 1 The…

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Evil Movie Review: Pandorum

Evil Movie Review: Pandorum


Welcome back for another action-packed, spoiler-riddled review from your favorite Evil Queen. Yes I am still sadly recovering from a bloody knee injury, but I am on the mend and getting lots of time to indulge in more fun science fiction flicks. This weekend the Veganaut and I tackled Pandorum, a 2009 film whose back cover sounded strangely similar to Event Horizon. I now bring you my review of…

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Ep 089 - Geeks of the North!

The Geeks head North this week to talk up all sorts of Nerd News in Transmissions from the Evil Lair..Check it out!

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Winter is Coming so the Geeks hunker down in the Evil Lair North! On location Big Evil and C-Mart get Greekimus Prime on the horn and just geek out for an hour on the latest movies, TV shows, comics, conventions, games and more! We talk Game of Thrones, Spider-Man, Marvel movies and shows, Batman vs. Superman and more!


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Who Review - Listen

Let’s talk about those monsters under your bed now, shall we? Who Review - Listen #DoctorWho


It’s Doctor time, Evil Geeks! Last week we saw the new Doctor learn how to be a hero again from none other than Robin Hood, but before one can go about being a hero, there’s an emotion that one must master first: Fear. If you can’t overcome various fears (i.e. being alone, the dark, clowns) then you simply aren’t hero material. The Doctor has traversed all of time and space, so clearly he’s…

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